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Thursday, November 27, 2008

President-Elect Obama's Electronic Health Record

In a fortuitous coincidence, Will Weider (the CandidCIO) and I are blogging about the same topic this week: President-elect Obama's enthusiasm for Electronic Health Records.

From the Obama health plan:

A study by the Rand Corporation found that if most hospitals and doctors offices adopted electronic health records, up to $77 billion of savings would be realized each year through improvements such as reduced hospital stays, avoidance of duplicative and unnecessary testing, more appropriate drug utilization, and other efficiencies.

At Good Samaritan Health Center, it's the duplicative and unnecessary testing that we're going after in full force with our PACs initiative. Currently, images and interpretations are not well integrated into our referring physician's work flows. As a result, duplication of diagnostic exams occurs. Our goal is to ensure that high quality images and interpretations are available electronically 24/7 to all of our referring physician customers (HIPAA compliant, of course).


  • I don't think many will argue that there are potentially huge savings to be had by adopting more and better electronic patient record systems to create a virtual EHR.

    The main problem (as David Bates, pointed out years ago) some 89% of the savings goes to the payors. Why should providers be burdened with 100% of the costs?

    By Blogger HI_Research, at 9:57 PM  

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